19 May 2010

:: neighborly, by Jennifer Casa

‘My knitting enthusiasm has dwindled to something more like realism…’ wrote Kim, ‘I don’t think I am going to get around to knitting this vest in the time frame in which Sarah would wear it’.

So we agreed, I’d knit it up, and in exchange, Kim gave me copies of all the patterns she drafted for her daughter’s wardrobe (this of course will mean that should I ever have a kid, it’ll be a boy. Because fate is like that…).

My half of this neighbourly exchange is shown above. I was reasonably pleased with it, though I’d have liked the strips on the collar to be more obvious.

Kim chose Debbie Bliss Eco Cotton for the body, and Noro Taiyo for the stripes.  The Eco Cotton has a lovely drape and soft feel, though like a lot of cotton yarns it’s very splitty and does not take kindly to being frogged.

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3 Responses to “neighbo[u]rly”

  1. Kim said

    You are just a little too quick… I took this on the weekend but hadn’t gotten around to posting it – with button!

    Vesty goodness

  2. Emma said

    Very sweet, I like the picot edging a lot.

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