28 August 2010

A little something I finished in late July. The colours remind me of the floor of a eucalypt forest on a wet day.

:: eucalyptus ::

:: Yarn :: Noro Iro and New Lanark DK

A top-down improvisation, using Noro yarn and Jared Flood’s trick for creating stripes. I’d have liked it to be a little longer, but I ran out of yarn. It is incredibly simple – no shaping at all beyond the raglan sleeves, no finish around the neckline, a 2-2 rib around the bottom and the sleeve edges.

I used New Lanark’s natural black for the sleeve and bottom edgings. I really want to say that I liked this yarn, because I like the idea of it, a natural undyed yarn produced by artisans in small batches using traditional methods. But… it was like knitting with carpet – harsh, tangly, inflexible. I can easily imagine that constructing a whole garment in it would chafe the skin off your fingers.


green is beautiful

21 August 2010

Green, fresh bright green.

New leaves budding on grey branches.

A hint of spring after the long winter.

The colour of hope.


:: green is beautiful ::

:: Yarn :: Touch yarns merino DK

:: Vision :: A slightly loose jumper with a scooped out neckline and bracelet-length sleeves


15 August 2010

I could easily get into making toys. They’re so cute! They’re so quick! They’re so easy! It’s like being a kid again.

:: Kiwi ::

:: Pattern :: Crazy kiwis from Bittersweet.

:: Materials :: Lincraft Celtic and Cleckheaton Country yarn, buttons for eyes.

:: Modifications :: I used DK yarn for the beak and kegs.  I picked up stitches round the face for the beak, and decreased after a few rows. I also use some short rows to make the beak curve.

:: Rabbit ::

:: Pattern :: Softies.

:: Modifications :: Almost none – I filled the base with rice as suggested, to make the rabbit stand upright, and I added an internal rattle.

:: Materials :: All from the scrap bag – denim, unbleached calico, cotton poplin.

Tip: a really easy way to make a rattle to go in a toy – use the little plastic container that comes inside a Kinder Surprise egg, and put a bead in it.