to do list

9 October 2010

:: to do list

Today I cleaned out all those corners and cupboards where the unfinished projects lurk.  That picture you see above shows the ones that I decided were worth finishing.

In order to avoid their becoming yet another tidy pile of things in a dark corner that I’ll get around to at some point, I’m making a sort of public commitment.  I’m going to finish ’em. I’ve written a list.  I’m going to work through it. And one day it will be empty.

:: to do list of things that want to be finished

  • The top I started three years ago, decided I didn’t like, and have now decided I do like after all
  • The skirt I started last winter and lost heart with when I did something stupid (but fixable) with the zip
  • The corduroy jacket that stalled when we moved house (yes that was over two years ago. Stop judging me!)
  • The hem on that tweedy thing you see there
  • A cardigan that stalled when we moved house (ssshhh!)
  • A scarf that just took more time and patience that I though

And I should add

:: things that I’m committed to or would just like to do

  • Another version of this, in dark blue and cropped
  • Something for my impending nephew (due to enter the world in February) and his big sister
  • A hand towel for my nanna for Christmas, because I promised it
  • A Betty Draper skirt, because I want one, dammit
  • Turn that funky spotted silk from Reverse Garbage into a scarf
  • Frog this top, because it’s too big and the neckline’s wonky and the yarn could become something else
  • Dye a shirt a different colour
  • Hem pants that are too long, instead of improvising with safety pins as I have done for the last two summers
  • Make that fabric from Formosa into something for my mum for Xmas
  • Shorten this tunic which I’m not wearing much, because every time I put it on I take it off again because it’s just a little too long
  • Keep working on green is beautiful (I’m up to the sleeves)
  • Refashion my former favourite winter skirt into a new favourite winter skirt

Too much to do?  Probably…. But none of it is overly complex or difficult. It’s funny how it’s often little difficulties or things that get in the way of progress, no?


2 Responses to “to do list”

  1. Olivia said

    My notebooks are full of lists like this, and it amazes me how long some items stay on the list. Then the mood strikes and sometimes the ones that you’ve been putting off are quick and easy in the end. Good luck with your list. sounds like you will be getting lots of ‘new’ things to wear, which can be motivating!

  2. Eric said

    Greetings! Very helpful advice in this particular post!
    It is the little changes which will make the greatest changes.
    Thanks for sharing!

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