hello visitors

1 November 2010

If you’ve just arrived here via Radio National’s website: welcome!I hope you enjoyed the show.

If you’re looking for my posts about sewing, click here. Or just poke about at your leisure, whatever suits you.

3 Responses to “hello visitors”

  1. Bells said

    I’m listening right now. 🙂

  2. Can’t help but make a comment to you.
    I have listened to that program this afternoon and I listened on Saturday too.
    Interesting, but thought all through it that it had almost nothing to do with my experience as a machinest/dressmaker over about 50 years.
    I am now 87 years old and still knitting while I listen to radio national.
    In all my life I have had one “store bought” made dress which I have to admit I half unpicked and remade because I have never had a figure that resembled any made to measure size.
    I started sewing aged 14 at a small factory at Epping where mostly underwear and night clothes were produced for FARMER’S store in Market St. Sydney.
    During my time there I started the 3 year dressmaking course at Darlinghurt, 2 nights a week.
    I did pass that course but in actual fact it had very little to do with the requirements of the trade.
    Maybe helped me to understand cutting and fitting.
    44 hour week for 11 shillings and 8 pence.
    After that.
    I worked several years for David Jones at the Marlborough St building, several small business all of which have stories attached, but the best experience was the 2 years I worked for Beryl Jent’s
    Any lady who could afford to pay the prize came to Beryl to have something for that very special occasion made. Beryl was such a personality and without doubt the best dressmaker Sydney ever had, to my mind at least. Every garment we made was sure to be photographed in the social columns on the following Sunday.
    Could go on but that is enough.
    I do have my own Tumblr page but find I am far too old to be writing about my quiet lifestyle of the present.
    Regards Frances

  3. Meg said

    I heard the story too, and loved it. I was actually sewing at the time as I always am while listening to Hindsight. Congrats on being on the show Alison.

    What a wonderful comment from Frances Farmer.

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