the sneak peak revealed

4 January 2011

For those who didn’t click through to Ravelry from this post, here is the final view of the sneak peak.

It’s a hand towel. Given to my mum for Xmas. She seemed to like it, but insisted it was ‘too good’ to use as a handtowel, and so we had a brief, polite, ‘don’t-ruin-Xmas’ spat about that.

More pictures and details after the break.

:: details ::

Cast on 75 stitches on 4.5mm needles. Using the Chinese Waves stitch, work until it’s the right length.

Each coloured stripe is two rows, with ten rows of background colour in between.

The yarn is Twilleys of Stamford’s Cotton Freedom DK.

:: folded ::


:: full size with tea cup for scale ::


:: front vs back ::

(unusually for colour work, the back still looks good)

4 Responses to “the sneak peak revealed”

  1. LynS said

    Love the colour choice. Tea towels are always so visible (at least in my kitchen) that I think a beautiful tea towel could give constant pleasure. I’m rather inspired by this – though my 2011 potential queue is already lengthy!

  2. Emma said

    I like the stitch you used. It looks nice and nubbly, perfect for a hand towel!

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