making traditions

8 January 2011

:: flight ::

This year for Xmas I started a new tradition for our house.

A tree. I suppose, a Xmas tree. And being me, it had to have a hand-made element.

Our ornaments were mostly paper cranes.


:: leaves | paper crane | star ::


And some hand-made stars from Thailand (the wooden ones, they smell divinely of cinnamon) and from India (in painted tin).

:: star | ball | paper crane ::

Completed with hand-painted glass balls from China.

I also planned to make these lovely felt doves from Purl SoHo, but didn’t order them in time. Never mind, they will do for next time.

:: the tree ::

Like all good Xmas trees, slightly cluttered. (The tree itself comes from pulp|creative|paper).


4 Responses to “making traditions”

  1. Emma said

    Lovely ensemble of decorations. Are the stars from Oxfam?

    Every year I have grand delusions of a tree with a mix of handmade and edible decorations, but I’ve not actually gotten round to it. Perhaps this year?

    • alison said

      Yep, stars from Oxfam.
      I would like to do edible decorations too, but there have been a lot of ants around this year….

  2. Nichola said

    Lovely! We have the same tree at work šŸ™‚
    Tessuti Melbourne

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