po-mo socks

2 February 2011

:: pomatomus socks

Presenting the first pair of home-made socks that I’ve been happy with. My previous attempts have been too big, a gift, and too ugly. These ones are snug, pretty, and all for me. I really love the stitch pattern as well, and I’m keen to use it on something else soon.

They should not have taken as long as they did (erm, over a year) – I was making good progress and then decided to take them on the plane to London in May last year, thinking that a 28 hour plane flight would be perfect for getting some knitting done. However, a 28 hour flight mostly at night, with dim lights, small needles, dark yarn, and a complex pattern is a recipe for disaster. I ended up ripping back to the gusset three times before giving up.

When I picked them up again over the Xmas break, it was embarrassingly  obvious that the problems I’d had were not entirely the fault of the dim lights, small needles and dark yarn. Much of it was me overconfidently not following the instructions because it looked obvious to me what needed to happen.

(Yes I know. Following the instructions leads to a better outcome. Who knew?)

I made two modifications to the pattern: I used 2.25mm needles, because all my previous sock attempts have come out too big; and I modified the toe slightly to better accomodate my short wide feet.

:: details

yarn :: Blue Moon Fibre Arts, Socks that Rock, Haida

pattern :: pomatomus, from knitty, designed by Cookie A

5 Responses to “po-mo socks”

  1. Bells said

    they’re done! Fabulous. They’re so worth whatever time it takes aren’t they?

  2. alison said

    Oh yes, I don’t regret the time one little bit. I want it to be winter so I can wear them.

  3. Kelly said

    They look absolutely gorgeous Alison! You could have a matching pair of wrist-warmers for winter… 😀

  4. Emma said

    Very nice! One day I will succeed in making a pair of these…

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