23 June 2011

A jacket for my new nephew. Chunky and warm to keep out the cold Glasgow winds. Started on Bells’ deck on a 40 degree summer day, finished as winter closed in.

:: details ::

:: pattern :: Lino’s Coat from Lili Comme Tout

:: yarn :: Bendigo Woollen Mills Rustic 12 ply

:: buttons :: japanese felt buttons from purl soho


green is beautiful

16 June 2011

Here is where it started, and now it is finished.

Green is not an easy colour for me. Most shades of green drain the life out of my face and make me look ill and tired. About the only shade that works is this bright olive shade, the colour of a new leaf. When I started this project,  it was election day, a long winter was grinding on, I had come to the end of a long project at work – green represented the idea that winter might end, that things might change, that there might be new things to work on.

And winter did end, and things changed in unexpected ways, and there are always, always, new things to work on.

I wanted this jumper to be a bit loose, a bit long, for dagging about the house with a pair of jeans. If I was making it again I would keep the sleeves narrower, and maybe not make it quite so long. And I do kind of wish I’d made it with a little more of a I-borrowed-this-from-my-boyfriend look, maybe with a v neck and no fancy edges.

The yarn was a disappointment. It was a bit splitty, a bit fluffy, and impossible to join or shape without the join showing. The neckline looks quite messy as a result.

More pictures and details follow.

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let’s fly

9 June 2011

One of my recurring themes is the project that is 99 per cent finished then languishes long because there is something that needs to be fixed that I don’t get around to doing.

This cape is the perfect example. It was 99 per cent finished in July last year, and I had a great time making it. The fabric (a beautiful thrifted wool that I was given by Sally) was a dream to work with.

I made welted pockets and sewed the button holes by hand.

And then I discovered that I had screwed up the lining. I trimmed it too short, then didn’t fix it properly to the hem (read, I was too lazy to do it properly), and surprise surprise, it looked terrible.

After 8 months, I gritted my teeth, cut out the lining, and made a new one, and this time fixed it to the hem properly. It wasn’t perfect, but it was better. And as soon as I wore it, I loved it.

It’s warm and stylish, perfect for cycling (wind-proof but leaves arms free, and no sweaty underarms). Perfect for walks in the woods. Perfect enough.


:: fabric :: thrifted and gifted 100% wool herringbone

:: pattern :: lindsey from BurdaStyle

:: modifications :: added welt pockets and changed the angle.


6 June 2011






more updates coming soon