a long time knitting

10 July 2011

A long time ago in a city far away, I started a jacket.

Three years and three months later it’s finished.

It’s an interesting exercise to finish something that had a long hiatus in the middle of its making. I can see how much I’ve learnt in the interim.

For example, that knitting both fronts of a cardigan at once is a good idea, because then they are much more likely to be the same size and shape (even with aggressive blocking one of the fronts is shorter than the other).

And that yarns of different fibres will drape differently, which means if they are mixed up on one garment, unexpected things will happen. In this cardigan I used wool for the trim (the darker burgundy) and alpaca for the rest. The wool is heavier than the alpaca, so it tends to drag down the sleeves and the body. On the body I don’t mind so much as I like my tops long, but on the arms it has turned the bracelet-length sleeves into full-length ones.

Still, I like it enough to wear it. And I especially like the vintage buttons I found stashed away, which were the perfect colour for it. I’m not sure how old they are, except that they are advertised as ‘boilprooof’ (which would date them to a time when coppers were more common than washing machines) and marked in pre-decimal currency (which would date them to before 1966).

:: details ::

:: yarns :: Jo Sharp Classic DK (trim), Eki Riva Natal and Eki Riva Supreme Superbaby (main, held together)

:: pattern :: #21 Oxford Jacket by Joan Forgione, from Vogue Knitting, winter 2007-08

:: ravelry link :: because my wardrobe is too grey

:: inspired by :: Katherine Hepburn and Lauren Bacall – definitely a cardigan to wear while swapping witticisms with Humphrey Bogart



5 Responses to “a long time knitting”

  1. LynS said

    I remember when you started knitting this! So pleased to see you finished it as I think it is a great pattern. And yes, perfect buttons.

  2. Emma said

    You’re not wrong about the buttons, they’re a perfect match.

    Someone should do a study on the optimal amount of grey in a wardrobe. I’m not sure they can ever be too much…

  3. Joan said

    I think you did a fantastic job. It looks great on you and I’m happy you decided to finish it.

  4. Love it. Great colour palette and it looks like a lot of work..

  5. victorian said

    Love the sweater!You did a great job!And the buttons are so cute!Great match!

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