1) Comments are the lifeblood of blogging. Please do.

2) The internet is a public forum. I wouldn’t say anything on my blog that I wouldn’t say in public; and I expect the same from my commenters.

3) Criticism is welcome, in direct proportion to its thoughtfulness. In other words, constructive and well-thought out criticism is a delight. “ur blog sux adn yr dress is fugly’ is not worth my time reading nor your time typing.

4) Commenters are people. Apart from the occasional spam robot, everyone who comments is another person. Respond to their comments with this in mind.

5) Commenting requires an email address. Be aware that WordPress stores these email addresses and that I can access them. I will not pass on your email address to anyone else, and I will only use it to respond to you personally if I need to. I won’t send you any unsolicited email.

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