haiti appeal

17 January 2010

If you’ve been around this blog a while, you’d know that I sometimes write up my designs and make them available for download here.  I’ve always done this for free, for reasons which you can read about over the fold if you’re interested.

During January and February 2010, I am going to charge US$3 for my susie pattern.  All proceeds will be will be donated to Médecins Sans Frontières Australia’s appeal for victims of the Haiti earthquake.

You can now purchase the pattern from the machen|machen Ravelry store for US $3.

If you’re an Australian resident and have already donated to any Haiti appeal, you can email machenmachen@gmail.com with a copy of your receipt and I’ll send you the pattern in return.

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19 August 2009

Sunshine + lollipops was my second-ever knitting pattern which I  published in January, and kind of forgot about it.

Today I looked at it on Ravelry and found 31 versions of it, 214 people intending to make it, and so many kind comments about the design.  Thanks everyone!

Here are some of the versions that people have made.

sunshine + lollipops mosaic
1. theodorita, 2. kdgirl, 3. nelly the knitter, 4. reisreus, 5. betani, 6. theodorita, 7. sandyham, 8. jejune

And I want to give a shout-out to Betani, who seems to suffer from start-itis like me.  She was kind enough to mention sunshine + lollipops in her podcast.  Thanks Betani!


I get a real buzz* out of seeing all the different versions of my wasp bag pattern around the intertubes and flickr.  It’s such a great feeling to have produced something that people can use, modify, and make their own, and there are so many talented sewers and colour-choosers out there.

But sometimes I get a bit worried when people mention that they found the pattern hard to follow.  I’d like to revise the pattern to make it better and easier.  Which is where you come in.

I’d like to invite everyone who’s made a version of the wasp bag to help contribute to a better wasp bag pattern.  And I am offering two bribes: one is a chance to win the bag you see above, and the other is a place in the (soon to be constructed) wasp bag gallery on this site, including a picture of your bag and a link to your blog, if you have one.

If you’d like to take part, here are the questions I would like your feedback on:

  1. How easy to follow were the instructions for the wasp bag?
  2. If you found  the instructions difficult, which parts in particular puzzled you?  How did you solve the problem?
  3. What changes would you make to make it an easier project?
  4. Did you modify the pattern?  if so, what did you do and why?

You can leave your answers in the comments below, or email them to machenmachen@(removebeforesending).gmail.com.  If you’d like to be in the gallery, please email a photo and a link to your blog as well.

I will pick one winner at random for the bag, and the competition closes on 11 April 2009.

*yes, bad pun.  Well spotted.

new pattern

8 November 2008


There’s a new pattern available on the patterns page, for this hat.  I called it Sunshine & Lollipops for no reason other than that it’s a sun hat, and lollipops are a good thing.

new pattern

25 March 2008

For those who liked the scarf, the pattern is now available on the patterns page and through Ravelry.  Happy knitting, and do let me know if you need help with the instructions.

I’ve named it Alma Park, after the park in the town where I grew up.