30 March 2011

I’m officially putting the blog into hiatus till June. I will be working long hours in April and May, and while I usually enjoy my job, at the moment I have some very difficult people to deal with who drain away a lot of time and energy and joy.

In a piece of exquisite timing, my landlord has sold my house, so I also need to find somewhere new to live during by the end of May, and move.

I need to allocate my precious and very small amounts of free time to things that will help de-stress, and putting pressure on myself to update a blog is not helpful.

Thanks for reading, and please come back when I come back!




26 January 2011

I’ve done a bit of re-organising, formatting, and tidying on the my designs page. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please leave a comment here.


my little army

13 January 2011

Once again this (last) year, I made gingerbread men for my team to celebrate the end of the year. Last year I had a team of two, this time round there were nine people to bake for. So I had a little army of gingerbread men marching across every surface in my little kitchen.

Here they are fresh out of the oven (I didn’t have enough racks to cool them on, so this batch are on the dishrack).

And here they are with their features added in icing.


All packaged up and ready for delivery.

I used this receipe again, and doubled the amount of spices (I like my gingerbread to taste of something other than sweet).

making traditions

8 January 2011

:: flight ::

This year for Xmas I started a new tradition for our house.

A tree. I suppose, a Xmas tree. And being me, it had to have a hand-made element.

Our ornaments were mostly paper cranes.


:: leaves | paper crane | star ::


And some hand-made stars from Thailand (the wooden ones, they smell divinely of cinnamon) and from India (in painted tin).

:: star | ball | paper crane ::

Completed with hand-painted glass balls from China.

I also planned to make these lovely felt doves from Purl SoHo, but didn’t order them in time. Never mind, they will do for next time.

:: the tree ::

Like all good Xmas trees, slightly cluttered. (The tree itself comes from pulp|creative|paper).


hello visitors

1 November 2010

If you’ve just arrived here via Radio National’s website: welcome!I hope you enjoyed the show.

If you’re looking for my posts about sewing, click here. Or just poke about at your leisure, whatever suits you.