My original designs and tutorials for knitting and sewing projects are available at these links.

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latest featured design :: easy cushions

These cushions are completely reversible because they use invisible zips. You can use up to four fabrics, or just stick with two. There are two sets of instructions given: the first is for a 50cm x 50cm (20” x 20”) cushion, the second is a ‘recipe’ to fit the design to whichever sized cushion you have.

:: download the cushions tutorial (pdf 739kB)

Generally I don’t charge for my patterns. I think humans have evolved with a deep need to be creative. Modernity often asks us to replace creative expression with purchased products. I don’t think its possible to satisfactorily replace a multi-layered creative experience with a cash transaction. I don’t want to ask people to pay to take part in a creative process. For me, seeing people make my stuff and enjoy the process is enough of a reward.

This is also why I make the designs available for personal use only. By downloading these files, you agree that the pattern is for your personal use at home; and you agree not to use the pattern to make commercial goods for sale. I can, do and will continue to pursue people who violate these terms of use.

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