please note that by downloading these files, you agree that the pattern is for your personal use at home; and you agree not to use the pattern to make commercial goods for sale.

:: the wasp bag
This is a large squashy bag that holds everything you need for a busy day. It has a key strap and an internal pocket; and two shoulder straps with a button detail.  I hope you enjoy making and using it.

:: download the wasp bag pattern + instructions (pdf 430kB)

There is also a flickr group for this pattern.

:: pant skirt tutorial
pantsskirt2 How to make a straight skirt from a pair of wide legged pants:: download tutorial (pdf 236kB)
:: easy cushions
These cushions are completely reversible because they use invisible zips. You can use up to four fabrics, or just stick with two. There are two sets of instructions given: the first is for a 50cm x 50cm (20” x 20”) cushion, the second is a ‘recipe’ to fit the design to whichever sized cushion you have.

:: download the cushions tutorial (pdf  739kB)


12 Responses to “machen|machen : : original designs : : sewing”

  1. leli said

    tku vm for this tuto Love making my own bags

  2. Oh no, I wanted to download the skirt tutorial but it says it’s no longer available!

  3. hi, that’s a discriminating berth. There is whatsoever mistakes but the important is here.

  4. Leslie said

    I loveyour stuff. Are you reatedto the other designer? I want to put someone your stuff on my web site. For no charge. You own me nothing. I love fashoponabl things and My aunt was in the business in New York

    Just to get you know,. She was very well kniown


  5. Chris said

    Beautiful wasp bag. 😉 Thanks!

  6. […] Get the free bag pattern here […]

  7. Emily said

    Can you tell me how long the handle is? I’m confused about how to assemble the handle/strap from the pattern, especially where the dotted lines go. I only see them at the end on the overall view.. Thanks!

  8. Wonky Girl said

    Sew cute ! Would like to make this for my sister as a birthday gift. Guessing that is ok to do, not like I’m ever selling anything I make.
    Thank you for the free tut :-).

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