bananas in pyjamas

23 July 2011

Let us talk of pyjamas. I kind of… grew out of them. Wore them as a kid, yes. Wore them in college and in share houses, mostly out of courtesy to others. Stopped wearing them after that. And then I moved to a cold climate. I rediscovered pyjamas for winter. Nothing is toastier on a cold Canberra night in an unheated house than a piping hot shower, cosy pyjamas, a hot water bottle, and two doonas.

I made three pairs this winter – one for me, two for the mister. Even though we’ve now moved to a house with heating.


Mine are the yellow ones. All three used the excellent pants pattern in Sew La Ti Do.

This is the only sewing I’ve done in a long time. Why? Well, here is a picture is my wardrobe.

I have so many clothes, and I only just have enough space for them (not shown: the blanket box full of summer clothes and big jumpers, the summer dresses hanging in the spare room, and the coats hanging in the hallway). I’m running a one-in-one-out rule, which means if I want anything new, I have to let go of something old. And I like everything I own, so it’s really tough to let things go. So no new things for me for a while.




One Response to “bananas in pyjamas”

  1. Love the yellow ones! Your wardrobe is so organised!

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